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Dispatch services for the new Menifee Police Department will be provided by the Murrieta Police Department’s Regional Communications Center. Click below to learn about an exciting opportunity to join the dispatch team!

Dispatch Positions

  • Crime Analyst

    Crime Analyst
    $76,792 - $98,540 / Year
    Benefits Coming Soon | Apply Now

  • Crime Scene/Property Evidence Specialist

    Crime Scene/Property Evidence Specialist
    $62,279 - $79,918 / Year
    Benefits Coming Soon | Apply Now

  • Investigative Specialist II

    Investigative Specialist II
    $58,953 - $75,652 / Year
    Benefits Coming Soon | Apply Now

We’re the Menifee Police Department and we don’t quite exist – not yet.

And not without great people like you.

We’re the Menifee Police Department and we’re building something new.
We know great people like you can help us build it better.
Our mission is a solid foundation of community policing at its best.

Ready to be part of building an extraordinary new agency from the ground up?
Are you hardworking, accountable, love what you do, and yearning for new opportunities in your law enforcement career?
Do you want to serve in a young, vibrant, family-oriented city?

We can't do it without you.


Menifee’s New Police Force Offers Rare, Extensive Training Opportunity

December 13, 2019

The city of Menifee is building a new police department from the ground up, and that presents a unique training opportunity. Everyone from community service officers to captains can go through training together. Before officially beginning its service to the Menifee public in July, everyone on the force will go through extensive training. It’s an…

Menifee PD Reveals Its First Patrol Car

December 12, 2019

The Menifee Police Department has its first patrol car. The flag-wrapped Chevy Tahoe is the first in a fleet of patrol cars the city has ordered to outfit the new force. The sleek design also recognizes just how new the department is with the statement, “Serving Menifee since 2020,” written on the back panel of…


Replays Available

If you missed our live webinars and would like the opportunity to play it back on demand, click below.

Meet Chief Walsh

Chief Walsh has an outstanding reputation, an impressive track record, and sets the bar high for Menifee’s Police Department. As a visionary leader, he is an experienced team builder and expert communicator who acts with the highest level of respect, fairness and compassion. Menifee PD aims to be a safe, respectful and inclusive culture where people come first.


Where's The Chief?

Chief Walsh is taking recruiting to the streets.
Which is great until we can't find him.

Welcome to Menifee

Menifee is a vibrant, young city situated in the heart of Southwest Riverside County along Interstate 215. With a 40% population growth since incorporation in 2008, Menifee has become the 7th fastest growing city in California.

Committed to the Safety of Our Community

Menifee was recently recognized by as one of the safest cities in California. Menifee leadership is committed to maintaining this standard, as the City continues to increase public safety services. Public safety continues to be a priority for the City Council, as they recognize the importance of a safe community for the success of Menifee’s increased quality of life for residents.




Incorporated in 2008, the City of Menifee is already home to over 36,000 households, world-class establishments, award-winning libraries and schools, and over 93,000 residents. Marked as the fastest growing city in Southwest Riverside County, and 7th in SoCal, many residents come to Menifee for room to breathe, while others come for the thrill of participating in the creation of a new and exciting community that is close to everything in California. Menifee’s family-oriented community, natural setting and sweeping vistas make it a fantastic city to live, work and play. Interested in a position with the new Menifee Police Department? Sign up for reminders about open applications below.

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