Menifee PD Reveals Its First Patrol Car


The Menifee Police Department has its first patrol car. The flag-wrapped Chevy Tahoe is the first in a fleet of patrol cars the city has ordered to outfit the new force. The sleek design also recognizes just how new the department is with the statement, “Serving Menifee since 2020,” written on the back panel of the SUV.

More patrols on the way

The city has ordered 29 vehicles for the force, but picking police vehicles isn’t as easy as visiting the local dealership.

All of the vehicles must be “pursuit rated,” which means they must be safe and stable in the event of a high-speed chase.

The Chevy Tahoe is pursuit rated, built on a truck body for stability, and holds its resale value. For these reasons, the city decided to buy 23 Tahoe’s for its patrol officers. In addition, supervisors will drive a Dodge Durango and community service officers will use a Chevy Colorado.

The department also purchased two Ford F-150s to navigate Menifee’s rural areas. About 50% of Menifee’s roads are dirt, so officers need the ability to navigate tough terrain.

All of the vehicles are decked with the latest police tech, including a mobile data computer, radar guns, breathalyzers, and GPS trackers that transmit the car’s location to the dispatch center.

The rest of the fleet is expected to arrive in the coming months.

Symbolic steps for the city’s police force

In addition to the first patrol car arriving, the inaugural members of the police force were sworn in at the end of November. The police chief, Pat Walsh, and two captains, Chris Karrer and David Gutierrez, were sworn in by the city council on November 20.

Both the new car and the ceremony are milestones in an 18-month journey to create the Menifee Police Department. In May of 2018 the idea of Menifee’s own police department was discussed, and months later it was approved.

Since then, the city has taken steps to get its force up and running. The hiring process is underway currently, with plans for extensive team training before the force officially starts its watch in July of 2020.