Carry Concealed Weapon License

Learn all about our CCW license program; which includes the program requirements, the licensing process and certain restrictions in obtaining a license.

Citizen Volunteer Program

Volunteers assist in several arenas which best suits their interests, time commitments and organizational needs.

Security Camera Registration

The security camera registry allows residents and business owners to voluntarily register their surveillance cameras with the Menifee Police Department. Police will not have access to the camera systems, but will be aware that a camera exists when investigating a crime in or around their neighborhood.

Court Ordered Registrants

State law mandates that all persons convicted of sex, drug, arson and gang offenses must register with their local law enforcement agency.

Automated License Plate Reader

Menifee CA PD uses Flock Safety technology to capture objective evidence without compromising on individual privacy. Menifee CA PD utilizes retroactive search to solve crimes after they've occurred. Additionally, Menifee CA PD utilizes real time alerting of hotlist vehicles to capture wanted criminals and missing persons. In an effort to ensure proper usage and guardrails are in place, they have made the below policies and usage statistics available to the public.