Automated License Plate Reader

We use Flock Safety technology to capture objective evidence without compromising on individual privacy. Additionally, we utilizes real time alerting of hotlist vehicles to capture wanted criminals and missing persons.

Carry Concealed Weapon License

Learn all about our CCW license program; which includes the program requirements, the licensing process and certain restrictions in obtaining a license.

Citizen Volunteer Program

Volunteers assist in several arenas which best suits their interests, time commitments and organizational needs.

Court Ordered Registrants

State law mandates that all persons convicted of sex, drug, arson and gang offenses must register with their local law enforcement agency.

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers is a three prong approach to preventing and solving crimes. The first of the program is to empower the community by providing a safe way to report tips related to criminal activity. Secondly, Crime Stoppers partners with all forms of media in the region to publicize felony crimes and inform the community on how to anonymously submit tips, for example through website, downloadable smart phone app and the 800#. Law Enforcement is the final part of the triangle; they follow up on tips from the community members.

Explorer Program

The primary purpose of the Police Explorer program is to provide young adults, ages 14-20, with an interest in a law enforcement career with some hands-on experience in the field.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime and reduce fear. It forges bonds between neighbors and helps reduce residential crime such as burglary, auto theft or juvenile crimes.

Project Lifesaver

This program is designed to aid in locating those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism, brain injuries, special needs, etc., who are prone to the life-threatening conditions of wandering. Project Lifesaver has the potential to reduce the location time of a client from hours, potentially days, down to minutes.

Reunification Program

We have partnered with the Riverside County Sheriff's Office Special Needs Reunification Program. This program is designed to help us locate missing members of our community with special needs. The program can provide Law Enforcement crucial information about the registered person even before we arrive at their residence.

Security Camera Registration

The security camera registry allows residents and business owners to voluntarily register their surveillance cameras with the Menifee Police Department. Police will not have access to the camera systems, but will be aware that a camera exists when investigating a crime in or around their neighborhood.

You Are Not Alone (YANA)

One of the greatest fears of older adults is being alone and isolated. To provide comfort and security to older and disabled adults, the Menifee Police Department provides a free service where police personnel check on their welfare on a regular basis. Please note: We do not provide medical assistance, but rather a measure of security with our visits.