Pat Walsh

As the first-ever Chief of the freshly-minted Menifee Police Department, Patrick A. Walsh is focused on the task and opportunity at hand.

“We’re assembling a talented, dedicated and experienced team,” said Chief Walsh. “We’re all looking forward to July 2020, when the Menifee Police Department officially rolls out and begins serving this amazing, growing community.”

Walsh knows a thing or two about dedication and experience. A decorated 35-year law enforcement veteran and graduate of the prestigious United States Naval Postgraduate School – Center for Homeland Defense and Security, he is also respected throughout the law enforcement community as a training-focused reformer and leader.
Walsh began his law enforcement career as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff in 1984 before transferring to the Portland Police Bureau in 1992. Walsh served the people of Portland for 22 years, many spent as an undercover narcotics investigator assigned to a Federal Drug Interdiction Task Force. During this time, Walsh also received a Chief’s commendation for his work in dismantling a multi-state drug distribution ring and served as a supervising sergeant for the Narcotics and Vice Unit.

Today, Walsh is building a dedicated, driven and innovative police force for the city of Menifee and its people. His swearing-in alongside inaugural Captains Christopher M. Karrer and David A. Gutierrez at a Menifee City Council meeting on Nov. 20, 2019, represented a strong start.

“Both of these Captains bring a variety of talent,” said Walsh. “They both have a complete heart for the community and a big heart for police work. They were completely engaged in the communities they came from, and have already hit the ground running here, sharing all kinds of ideas about building a community-oriented police department. This is a good, core team to put the Police Department together around.”

On June 28, 2022 Chief Walsh gave his last radio call as he goes into retirement.


Interview with the Team