Here are some of the most common questions about the new Menifee Police Department. If you're ready for new opportunities in your law enforcement career, we invite you to contact us or apply today.

How will the City of Menifee sustain the cost of a city police department?

The City of Menifee is in excellent financial shape. The city council is committed to a long term financial plan that includes ensuring balanced budgets, no unfunded liabilities and healthy general fund reserves. The citizens of Menifee passed a 1% sales tax increase in 2016 to fund increased public safety and infrastructure. The city expects to save millions of taxpayer dollars over the next 5 years by establishing the Menifee Police Department.

I’m currently in the PERS 3%@50 formula. What happens to my retirement if I transfer to Menifee PD?

We understand this is a big concern with “Classic” PERS members, but we also want you to have all the facts! State law requires that all new Public Safety PERS agencies fall under the Public Employee Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA). This means the highest formula the city can offer is 2.7%@57. All new safety employees will fall under this formula. However, upon retirement, all previous time in the PERS system will be calculated at the rate earned at the employee’s prior agency. So, you don’t “lose” your 3%@50, you just begin earning additional time at a new rate in Menifee.

I’m not currently a sworn peace officer. Can I still apply for Menifee PD?

Initially, the police department will only hire experienced police officers in possession of a Basic P.O.S.T. Certificate. However, there will be great opportunities in a number of exciting professional civilian positions including crime scene investigator, community service officer, records technician and more! Stay tuned for those job applications, opening in early 2020.

Can out-of-state peace officers apply?

Yes. But a P.O.S.T. Basic Course Waiver will be required prior to appointment as a Menifee Police Officer. If this is your situation, please review the P.O.S.T. Waiver Guidelines.

What benefits will Menifee offer sworn employees?

Menifee is offering an excellent benefits package to our valued employees!  To view a benefits summary for sworn positions, review the open positions and click to download benefits summary.

Where will the police headquarters be?

The Menifee Police Project Team is in the process of renovating the former City Hall facility located at 29714 Haun Road. We are adding necessary security features and seismic upgrades to ensure the building meets the Essential Services Building Code requirements.

What will Menifee Police Officers use for patrol vehicles?

Menifee PD will use a variety of patrol vehicles to better serve the community. The primary patrol unit will be the Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV) to support the deployment of incident command and tactical equipment like ballistic shields and less-lethal force options. There will also be Ford and Chevy trucks in the police fleet to provide patrol officers access to the many rural communities within the City of Menifee.

Can I talk to someone confidentially about the joining department?

Yes! We understand that police officers and employees tend to be very loyal. We want to give you a chance to talk about this exciting opportunity without compromising your standing at your current department. Interested candidates can call or email our confidential hotlines to chat in more detail about the new Menifee Police Department:

Confidential Recruitment Hotline:  (951) 723-3894

Confidential Recruitment Email:

What will the department organization chart look like in year one?

You can also download Menifee PD's staffing plan here!

What does the hiring process look like for sworn positions at the NEW Menifee Police Department?

As a sworn Peace Officer, you’ll be given a first interview if you pass the screening for minimum qualifications. After the first interview, the top candidates will receive invitations for a second interview and will be asked to provide a background packet, followed up by a background investigation interview and a standard polygraph test. There will then be a 6-8 week background investigation period. If all is found to be in line with the vision of the NEW Department, a conditional offer of employment will be issued, followed by a psychological and physical evaluation.

You can also download Menifee PD's hiring process here!

What schedule will patrol officers work?

Chief Walsh has developed an innovative 4/10-3/12 hybrid schedule that provides several options for officers and deploys resources based on activity levels. Officers will choose to work either four 10 hour days (Monday through Thursday) or three 12.5 hour shifts (Friday through Sunday). Due to the overlapping shifts, the highest number of officers are on duty during the busiest periods of the day. The weekend shifts will owe 10 hours a month that will be utilized for training or special projects. This schedule has proven to be very popular in other communities and represents the best use of available resources.

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On July 1, 2019 the Menifee City Council unanimously passed a resolution establishing the new Menifee Police Department. The timeline shown here outlines the critical steps included in the formation of the new department, from hiring and field training to facility renovation and until opening it's doors on July 1, 2020.


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