In 2019, the Menifee City Council voted to create their own police department.  On April 2, 2019, I was hired to form the new Menifee Police Department.  This was a personal accomplishment but at the same time, daunting.  Any police chief knows leading a police department is difficult and fraught with risk as well as reward.  But this adventure was new, no culture, no staff, no infrastructure and no one to blame if I mis-stepped.

It has been my profound honor to form the new Menifee Police Department.  Over 2300 experienced police officers, community service officers, records, property, crime analyst, and professional staff put in for 77 jobs.  This afforded the ability to pick the best and start off on the right foot from day one.  The inaugural staff has a combined 675 years of experience, 36 with bachelor’s degrees, 12 with master’s degrees, and 11 former military service men and women.  Not a bad start.

When the command staff and supervisors started, one of the first tasks was to create our mission statement and values.  Often these can be slogans that hang on the wall and are memorized for promotional exams, then forgotten.  But we determined as a group to create a meaningful mission statement that captures the type of culture we want to foster and values that determine how we treat each other and our community.  There was great dialogue with everyone passionately expressing their point of view.  No one sat back and watched, everyone participated and honestly spoke their mind.  Ultimately, we landed on a mission statement and values that we believe in, are living and will intensely defend.


Here is the Menifee Police Department’s Mission Statement and Values that we promise to live by:


"We deliver an experience where people feel unified, engaged, and safe.”



See one another-Know one another-Empower one another




Encourage and pursue original ideas

As we talked about these concepts, we always had an internal and external lens.  We will apply this mission and these values internally toward each other, and externally, in how we treat all community members.

Thank you, Menifee, for allowing us to serve.  We are honored.


Chief Patrick A. Walsh

Menifee Police Chief