Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) work alongside our patrol officers and detectives to investigate and process crime scenes for evidence. Crime Scene Investigators are trained in current scientific techniques and methods utilized in the identification, preservation, documentation, collection, and processing of evidence.

Some of CSI’s duties include, but are not limited to, locating, evaluating, and collecting latent and patent fingerprints, and photographing injuries of victims and suspects. The CSI unit processes all types of crime scenes including major assaults and homicides. This involves photographing, collecting and packaging items of evidence for processing and later use in a court of law. CSI works meticulously to detail evidence to gather the facts and assist in solving crimes.

The unit is also responsible for training department personnel in basic techniques of latent fingerprint collection and DNA collection.



How do I become a Crime Scene Investigator?

Our Crime Scene Investigators are experts in a wide range of duties, included but not limited to:

· Forensic photography

· Sketching, or diagramming, of scenes using hand drawn or computer-aided drawing software

· Processing various types of items for fingerprint evidence using different types of chemicals, powders, or alternate light sources

· Collection and preservation of DNA evidence

· Documentation and analysis of blood stains

· Preservation and proper packaging of evidence collected

· Ability to conduct comparisons and identifications of the fingerprints obtained

· Possession of excellent verbal and written communication skills needed to complete detailed written reports and then give comprehensive testimony in a court of law

These are just a few of the areas that our CSI’s have received extensive training in. We also recommend you obtain a general education within the criminal justice field.

There are two local programs that offer a Crime Scene Investigation emphasis: Riverside City College and University of California, Riverside Extension. Also, here in Menifee, Mt. San Jacinto College offers an excellent Administration of Justice Program.

Can I come on a Ride-Along with CSI?

Unfortunately, due to the sensitive and confidential material that we handle, we are unable to provide the opportunity for a Ride-Along. But we are more than happy to speak about our position and duties. We are available for career days, class presentations, and STEM nights. We can adjust our dialogue for any age group. Please contact us at 951-723-1526, or, with your requests.