Detective Bureau

The primary role of the Detective Bureau is to conduct follow-up investigations of criminal reports, and provide investigative support in the preparation and prosecution of criminal cases with the District Attorney’s Office. The Detective Bureau is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, 4 Detectives, an Investigative Specialist, Crime Scene Investigators, and a Crime Analyst. In addition, Detectives often develop information and intelligence on criminal activity, look for missing persons, assist parole and probation officers, serve arrest and search warrants and act as liaison between the crime victim or witness and the criminal justice system.

Another aspect of the Detective Bureau is assisting other agencies. Detectives, on occasion, are called upon to assist outside agencies with investigations of crimes or incidents that occurred outside the City of Menifee, but may have local residents involved as victims, witnesses or suspects. Detectives are also asked to make presentations to the community on topics such as domestic violence, crime prevention and illegal drug identification.

The following units comprise the Detective Bureau:

Crimes Against Persons

Crimes against person are investigated by Detectives and includes offenses such as homicide, robbery, sex offenses, child abuse, threats, missing persons, domestic violence, and elder abuse. Detectives empathize with how impactful being a victim can be on anyone, and because of this they work closely with women’s shelter, child and adult protective services, and advocate groups.

Property Crime

Crimes against property are investigated by Detectives and include offenses such residential and commercial burglaries, all types of theft, auto theft and burglary, financial crimes, identity theft, and vandalism. Detectives work closely with our crime analyst, other agencies, and our community partners in the effort to reduce and solve crime, as well as hold those offenders accountable.

Criminal Intelligence

Crime Analysts study patterns in an effort to predict the time, place and day that a crime might occur. They utilize computer databases specifically designed for the purpose of gathering and studying criminal data. Crime analysts not only use the information they gather to identify criminals but to target possible suspects as well. Our crime analyst is very successful in identifying criminals, crime trends and predicting future trends.


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