The Menifee Police Department has partnered with the Murrieta and Hemet Police Departments to form the Southwest Cities Special Weapons and Tactics team. This collaboration solidifies a partnership between the three neighboring municipalities.

The Southwest Cities SWAT team provides a ready response to situations that are beyond the capabilities of traditionally equipped and trained department personnel. SWAT team members' duties include serving high risk search and arrest warrants, performing hostage rescues, subduing barricaded suspects, and engaging heavily-armed criminals.

The officers assigned to the Southwest Cities SWAT team have undergone special training and have access to specialized weaponry, surveillance devices and equipment beyond standard issue police gear. They are equipped with specialized firearms, breaching equipment, riot control agents, less lethal options and specialized K-9 teams. They also utilize heavy body armor, ballistic shields, entry tools, tactical robots and armored vehicles.

All team members must maintain a high physical fitness standard; which, requires they pass a quarterly physical fitness test. Team members participate in tactical training to adhere to state and nationally recognized SWAT standards. They must pass stringent physical fitness and agility evaluations, marksmanship qualifications, teamwork assessments, and scenario based training, to ensure they are both physically and psychologically suited for tactical operations.